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About Karen

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I have always felt connected to the world of animals, to the many and varied creatures that share our planet.  When I was little, I would play and talk with the rollie pollies walking across the sidewalk.  I would listen intently to the songs of birds and whistle back to engage them in conversation.  I would talk with squirrels, dogs, cats, fish, and any other creatures that happened along.  


I would also talk to the Spirits that were always around.  I was never alone.  I had so many friends I could talk to.  Until one day, I was playing hide-and-seek.  I really needed to be quiet so I wouldn't get found.  The Spirits were very chatty, as usual, but I couldn't talk back because it would give my hiding spot away.  Out of frustration, I finally told them to leave me alone.

Compassionate Spirits are always respectful of our wishes, so they did. 

It wasn't that they went away, they were still with me, but in silent mode.  When the day came many years later, and I was ready to listen and converse with them once more, they happily turned the volume back on and we've been in conversation ever since.  All my wonderful animals had been guiding me back down this path for decades.  

However, it was my late dog Toby, that was the catalyst.  He had been having health issues for many years but had become quite sick.  I remember out of desperation, looking at him and asking him the question that was on my mind.  I heard a very soft reply.  

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This reply lead me to formally learn Shamanism, Animal Communication, Energy Work, and Mediumship.    


My learning brought me to this moment. This moment has brought me to you.


Welcome, I'm so glad you're here.

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