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Providing the Bridge Between You, Your Animal, and Spirits

Image by Goutham Krishna

Hi, I'm Karen.  I am a...

  • Soul Level Animal Communicator

  • Shamanic Practitioner

  • Energy Healing Practitioner

I work with your Animal and 

Compassionate Spirits to discover:

  • What your animal is thinking

  • Why your animal misbehaves

  • If  your animal wants a companion

  • About your animal who may be sick

  • How your animal in Spirit is still with you

  • If your animal is trying to communicate a message

Image by Dmytro Tolokonov

I was first led down this path of Shamanism and Animal Communication when my late dog, Toby, was very ill.  Western medicine didn't know what was wrong with him and didn't know how to help.  I was heartbroken, scared, and unsure what to do.  

Image by Jan Tinneberg


The Universe brought forth a door marked Hope and Possibilities.  I stood staring at that door, knowing it would change my life if I stepped through.  I have never looked back.

You have now been led to the doorway.  

Are you ready to step through?

Our animals and the Compassionate Spirits

are here to help us and guide us to our next steps.

They want us to be happy and joyful, to succeed, and to see the Divinity in everything, including ourselves.  Animals incarnate into our lives to help guide us down the path of life.

Spirits and animals are our greatest teachers.  They have knowledge, wisdom, kindness, patience, and unconditional love.  They see us as perfectly imperfect.

Open to the Messages

I provide the bridge for messages and information to flow from Spirits and Animals for both you and your animal's highest and greatest good.  

Image by Patrick Hendry

Open to the possibilities

I marry Shamanism and Energy Healing into Shamanic Energy Work.  This supports what you may already be doing with Western medicine and other alternative modalities.

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