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Shamanic Energy Work

Working with the Compassionate Spirits
to Help Support Your Animal

This is a great way to complement what you may already be doing for your animal whether it be Western medicine or other alternative care.


Our session opens with you sharing your concerns for your animal.  It is important to have a clear intention before beginning the work.  I speak the journey out loud so you are part of the experience.

We then call in the Compassionate Spirits from the four directions and bring your animal into sacred space.  

We ask the loving Spirit Guides connected to your animal to bring forward what may be the issue.  The Compassionate Ones extract, transmute, and infuse the animal with what is needed for your animal's highest and greatest good.

Image by Nicole King

30 Minute Session

Great for a single issue or as a follow-up to a previous session.

30 Minutes - $115

Image by Greg Rakozy
Image by Jan Huber

60 Minute Session

Allows for a more in-depth journey and giving Spirits more time to work.

60 minutes - $175

*Please note that Shamanic Energy Work is not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment.  If you have concerns about your animal's health, please seek the advice of a veterinarian.

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