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Image by Manuel Bartsch

Providing the Bridge Between
You, Your Animal, and Spirits

  • Soul Level Animal
​       Communicator®
  • Energy Healing Practitioner
  • Shamanic Practitioner
Image by Manuel Bartsch

Hi, I'm Karen and I am so glad you're here!

Image by Martin Péchy

I am here to help you:

  • Connect with the Compassionate Spirits to support your animal

  • Learn the soul lessons your animal is here to teach you     

  • Connect with your animal at a deeper level

  • Ask the questions you have for your animal

  • Connect with your animal in spirit and more!

Image by Andrea Lightfoot
Image by Martin Péchy

Our animals and the Compassionate Spirits

are here to help us and guide us to our next steps.

They want us to be happy and joyful, to succeed, and to see the Divinity in everything, including ourselves. Animals incarnate into our lives to help guide us down the path of life.

Spirits and animals are our greatest teachers.  They have knowledge, wisdom, kindness, patience, and unconditional love. They see us as perfectly imperfect.

Image by Martin Péchy

Open to the Messages

My passion is to provide the bridge for messages and information to flow from spirits and animals for both you and your animal's highest and greatest good.  

Image by Nitish Kadam

Open to the possibilities

I weave Shamanism and Energy Work  together into what I call Shamanic Energy Work.  This supports what you may already be doing with Western medicine and other alternative modalities.


This was an amazing and eye-opening experience! Karen skillfully delved into multiple facets of the connection and communication avenues existing between me and my furry friend.


Some of her revelations, I had quietly suspected and recognized. However, she exposed so many others, which I would have remained oblivious to, absent her analysis!


I am certain that my relationship with our “Mighty Milo” will be forever enhanced, due to the insight and vision provided from Karen’s reading!


Thank you so very much Karen Hixson!!


I am writing this testimonial for Karen Hixson.  I was having issues and asked if she would perform a reading on myself.  I had just returned from Vegas and there were certain things that happened even my wife didn't know about until I told her after the readings from Karen.  She was right on.  I am a believer and would never doubt her skills and her approach to what is something I was only skeptical about.  She is amazing and has talents that go beneath and above the call of duty!



                      ~ Mike M.


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