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Shamanic Energy Work

Working with the Compassionate Spirits to Help Support Either You or Your Animal

This is a great way to complement what you may already be doing for yourself or your animal whether it be Western medicine or other alternative care.  Below is a description of the process with an animal but it is the same for both animals and people.


Our session opens with you sharing your concerns for your animal.  It is important to have a clear intention before beginning the work.  I speak the journey out loud so you are part of the experience.

We then call in the Compassionate Spirits from the four directions and bring your animal into sacred space.  

We ask the loving Spirit Guides connected to your animal to bring forward what may be the issue.  The Compassionate Ones extract, transmute, and infuse what is needed for your animal's highest and greatest good.

30-Minute Session

Great for a single issue or as a follow-up to a previous session.

30 Minutes - $115

60-Minute Session

Allows for a more in-depth journey and giving Spirits more time to work.

60 Minutes - $175

3 Session Package
Three 60-Minute Sessions

Are you looking for ongoing support for you or your animal? This package of three 60-minute sessions is designed to provide deeper and more comprehensive assistance for multiple issues.

Book your first 60 minute session now and we'll schedule the remaining two together.  All sessions must be used within 6 months of purchasing.

Package of Three 60-Minute Sessions



  I was a little bit skeptical when I first heard of energy healing, but Karen’s abilities are world class. I started to feel better right after the session, and was back to normal 3 days later. Having experienced her abilities, I now understand how her Shamanic Energy Work supported my loved one quickly getting out of the hospital. 


She’s as good as someone who’s been doing this for many, many years. I highly recommend her.

~ T.H.


       I have known Karen for about 2 years, during that time I have had the pleasure to bear witness to her skills as a Shaman and as a kind, loving person. Karen is a gift to humanity, an ancient soul living in these times. She strives for impeccability, collaborating with Spirit by letting go of her ego-self in service to her clients.

She has journeyed many times for us and our animals. We have two dogs, both of which have medical issues. Our dog, Que Sera, has both inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and perianal fistulas. Our dog, ZiJi, has idiopathic epilepsy causing grand mal seizures.


Since Karen has been collaborating with Spirit to do healings on them, both our dog’s chronic conditions have improved. Que Sera vomits much less often, and she has not had a new fistula in the last 9 months. Over the last 3 years, ZiJi would have 1 to 3 seizures every

3 weeks (while on 14 anti-seizure meds/day). Of late, he has been going 8 to 9 weeks between seizures! The only thing different in his regime is the healing work.

I believe Karen has been a Shamanic Practitioner for many lifetimes because her skills and knowledge go beyond what seems possible in one life span.


I have been in many classes with Karen and the information she brings forth from her Shamanic Journeys are profound. Her messages from Spirit manifest the divine and are in harmony with the Universe.


 Karen is an authentic being moving through this world with the grace and humility of an immensely powerful Shaman. It is my pleasure to know and work with Karen.




 ~ Jackie



       I have never worked with a Shamanic Healer before Karen, but have always had an interest and deep appreciation for the traditions passed down by our Ancestors. I came to Karen with the intention to better understand and clear that which has contributed to the chronic insomnia that has plagued me for the prior six months.


I could sense my own anxiousness before we started, yet Karen's presence created an atmosphere of safety and calm. As we entered the session I began to instinctively move my body with breath, and in my mind's eye, I began to see sacred imagery of symbols, animals, and words. I journeyed with the rattling and drumming as Karen shared the intuited calls of my protectors, ancestors, guides and supporters. As we wrapped up, I was in awe of Karen's ability to intuit specifics like the word "expansion," which I had chosen as my annual mantra, and is a part of my new job title.


The session itself was revitalizing yet serene, and empowered me to try to fall asleep without a prescribed sleep aid that night. For the first time I fell asleep in almost six months without medication. I am excited to see how I am feeling and sleeping as time progresses. I have tried traditional western medicine, Reiki, naturopathic herbal remedies, exercise, nutrition, yoga, name it. Of all that I have tried, Karen's session has left a lasting impact and it's only been 24 hours! Transformational.

                     ~ KC Edmonds

*Please note that Shamanic Energy Work is not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment by a veterinarian or medical professional.  Karen Hixson is not a veterinarian, medical professional or counselor. It is for entertainment and spiritual purposes only.  If you have concerns about your own or your animal's health, please seek the advice of a medical professional or veterinarian.  

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