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  • Shamanic Practitioner 
  • Energy Work

From the beginning...


I have always felt connected to the world of animals, to the many and varied creatures that share our planet.  When I was little, I would play and talk with the rollie pollies walking across the sidewalk.  I would listen intently to the songs of birds and whistle back to engage them in conversation.  I would talk with squirrels, dogs, cats, fish, and any other creatures that happened along.  

Image by Dmytro Tolokonov

As time went on...


I was led down the path of Shamanism, Energy Healing, and Animal Communication when my late dog, Toby, was very ill. Western medicine didn't know what was wrong with him and didn't know how to help.  I was heartbroken and unsure what to do.  

Then came...

Image by Jan Tinneberg


The Universe brought forth a door marked Hope and Possibilities.  I stood staring at that door, knowing it would change my life if I stepped through.  

Going through that door was one of the hardest things I've ever done.  I knew Toby would cross over as soon as I did.

Image by Martin Péchy

I finally understood that Toby had been put into my life to guide me down this new path.

I decided I would begin by learning Shamanic Animal Communication. Toby died four weeks after my first class.  


Toby had fulfilled his life's purpose.  As incredibly hard as it was, I am forever grateful to Toby for the gift he gave me. 


I honor Toby and the animals that came before him and after him through this work.  

You have now been led to the doorway of hope and possibilities. 

Are you ready to step through?

I work with your Animal and 

Compassionate Spirits to discover:

  • What your animal is thinking

  • Why your animal misbehaves

  • If  your animal wants a companion

  • About your animal who may be sick

  • How your animal in Spirit is still with you

  • If your animal is trying to communicate a message

Let's Work Together

Image by Bonnie Kittle
Shamanic Energy Work
Soul Level Animal Communication

My cat Sadie was eating paper towels around the house, and I couldn’t figure out why. I went to Karen and had her ask Sadie why she was eating them.


Karen told me that Sadie liked eating paper towels because it was fun. Karen also shared Sadie wanted me to spend more time playing with her.  I started to play with her more, and now she no longer eats paper towels. Karen saved the day once again.

- T. G.

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