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Welcome into the world of your animal

Our animals are so special.  How do we honor that relationship?

One way is through Soul Level Animal Communication®.

The type of service you choose will depend on the communication you would like to experience with your animal.  

Pet The Bunny
  • How would you like to connect with your animal?

  • Do you have one question for your animal or several?

  • Wondering why your animal is or was in your life?

  • Would you like to know how your animal is feeling?

  • How much time do you have to set aside for the communication?

Please read below and find the one that speaks to your heart.  When you read it, you'll just know that's the one for you.  All sessions are done either over the phone or on Zoom.  Once you have booked, a unique Zoom invitation will be sent. If you have any questions before your session, please contact me at:

30-Minute Reading

Are you looking to connect with your beloved pet in a new way? This animal communication reading offers you the opportunity to ask your animal one open-ended question and learn the Soul Level Lesson they are assisting you with for your personal growth and expansion. Even if your pet has crossed over, you can still experience this unique form of communication.

30 Minutes - $65
60-Minute Reading

This incorporates all the goodness from the 30 minute reading with additional time to savor and explore more of what your animal wants to bring forward.  This is also a great choice if you'd like to bring in another animal, if you have two to three questions you'd like to ask your animal or if you'd like to explore the Soul Level lesson further (time permitting.)

60 Minutes - $95

60-Minute Reading with Shamanic Energy Work

 Are you looking for a deeper understanding of your animal's needs and concerns? A Soul Level Animal Communication session combined with Shamanic Energy Work might be just what you need. This longer session allows for an in-depth reading with the opportunity to ask 2-3 questions, depending on time. Additionally, a 30-minute Shamanic Energy session will be incorporated to address any concerns you have regarding your animal or any issues that came up during the reading.

60 Minutes - $175

NOTE: This energy treatment is not a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment. If you are concerned about your pet’s health please bring them for veterinary care.​

15-Minute Animal Communication Check-in
For Returning Clients

This shorter session is for returning clients and the same animal they choose in a previous 30 minute or 60 minute session within the last month.  Perfect for a quick answer to 1-2 questions that may have come up since the last reading.

15 Minutes - $40

I have two young cats, adopted a short time ago, who couldn’t seem to get along. I recently had a communication session with Karen to help determine what we could do to ease the situation for Trixie, who seemed to be more upset with their encounters. Karen walked me through her process, explaining each step and its purpose. We concluded with practical suggestions about food and attention that have made a big difference in the weeks since. I would enthusiastically recommend her services!


Image by Ben Hanson

Karen is incredibly intuitive. Her caring and loving energy really shines through in her reading. She helped me to understand my dog's current state and I got the clarification I was seeking in regard to my dog's specific behaviors. I recommend Karen's service to anyone who has a pet or works with animals. - Ruby 

Karen did a reading on my dog Ru-Bee and to my amazement was right on with her sweetness and her personality.

She gave me information that only anyone who lives in my house would know the landscape. She also answered questions that I had that I would have never known.  Her communication was exactly the way I envisioned Ru-Bee to be.

~Mike M.


Ever since I had my session with Karen, I have understood my cat better.  My cat, Ginger, has been jumping up to grab the window clings off the sliding glass door. This has been a bit annoying but I found out she is doing it because she doesn't know what they are.


Karen also did body mapping where she feels what my cat feels in her body. When I feed Ginger bedtime snacks, she doesn’t feel very well.  I have decided I'm going to stop feeding her bedtime snacks. Oh boy, is Ginger going to hate that! 


Karen went deep into what Ginger was sharing with me and she also pointed out the smaller details.  My experience with Karen was very nice.

~ G.T.

*Please note that Shamanic Energy Work is not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment by a veterinarian or medical professional.  Karen Hixson is not a veterinarian, medical professional or counselor. It is for entertainment and spiritual purposes only.  If you have concerns about your animal's health, please seek the advice of a veterinarian.  

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