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What is Soul Level Animal Communication®?

Soul Level Animal Communication is a unique approach to understanding the lessons our animal companions are teaching us. By exploring the deeper meaning behind their behaviors and actions, we can gain valuable insights into our own personal growth and expansion. This approach deepens our connection with our animal friends and we are able to learn from them in new and profound ways.

Image by D. Gibson

What Do I Need to Know Before Coming to an Animal Communication Session?

Plan on being in a quiet space free from distractions and have something to take notes with.  Animals share a lot of information and some of it may not make sense at the time of the reading.  Having notes to refer back to can help if an "aha" moment comes at a later time and to help you remember important details.  Think about the open-ended question(s) you would like to ask your animal.  For example, "What would you like to share about your food" allows for the animal to give a lot more information than a yes/no question such as, "Do you like your food?"  Your animal does not need to be with you during the reading.

What Does an Animal Communication Session Look Like?

Image by Bogdan Farca

I will ask you for your pet's name, species (dog, cat, horse, etc.), gender, and if your animal is alive or in spirit. I’ll intuitively connect with your animal and share the information they lovingly bring forward about themselves and about you.  You'll be able to ask the question(s) you have for your animal.  You will also learn how your animal is working with you for your personal growth and expansion through the Soul Level Lesson.  Animals have mastered unconditional love, so what they bring forward is from a place of pure love.

What is Shamanic Energy Work?

I weave Shamanism and Energy Healing together into what I call Shamanic Energy Work. Shamanic Energy Work involves working with the Compassionate Spirits and with the energy fields of the body to promote balance and well-being. This work draws on ancient shamanic practices and techniques to help animals and people connect with their inner wisdom to access deeper levels of harmony and balance. Shamanic Energy Work can help release blockages, clear negative energy, and restore harmony to the body, mind, and spirit.

Image by NASA Hubble Space Telescope

Energy healing is a holistic practice that aims to balance the energy flow within the body. It involves the use of various techniques to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Energy healing is based on the belief that the body has an innate ability to heal itself, and that by restoring balance to the energy system, one can achieve optimal health and vitality.

What is Energy Healing?

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism has been around for centuries and is practiced in many cultures around the world.  It is based on the belief that everything in nature is alive and connected, and there is a spiritual aspect to all things. Shamanism allows for the opening of the veil between the seen and unseen worlds, bringing direct revelation of healing and wisdom into ordinary reality.

What is a Shamanic Practioner?

Shamanic practitioners have the ability to navigate between the worlds of ordinary reality and the spiritual non-ordinary reality. Through this practice, they are able to bring teachings and healing from Compassionate Spirits to themselves, others, and their community. This ancient tradition offers a powerful way to connect to the spiritual world and bring positive change to our lives.  We are all decedents of people who lived in shamanic cultures.

What is a Soul Retrieval?

A soul retrieval is a shamanic practice that involves bringing back lost parts of one's soul. It is believed that traumatic experiences can cause a soul to fragment, leading to feelings of disconnection, depression, and anxiety. Through soul retrieval, a Shamanic Practioner can help reclaim these lost parts, leading to a sense of wholeness and healing.

Image by George Hiles

What are Power Animals?

Power animals are spiritual guides that provide protection, guidance, and support. They are often associated with certain traits or characteristics, and can be called upon for strength and inspiration. Many cultures and traditions have their own interpretations of power animals.

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