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Session Options

Cancellation / Refund Policy 

I have a 48 hour cancellation policy.  You may reschedule for no fee.  You may cancel and receive a refund, minus the processing fee.  Please understand that a missed session will not be refunded or credited.  To change or cancel an existing appointment, please email



           Prior to working with Karen, no one had performed an animal communication reading for me.  I asked her to connect with my childhood pet turtle and the information she shared matched what my pet and I experienced.  

Karen described the details of my pet’s diet, the sounds of the classical music that my parents played, the location of the turtle tank, and how my turtle and I would play alone together in the backyard.  


All these experiences came through from my pet’s perspective and brought back fond childhood memories, that I had long since forgotten.  It was like getting a piece of my life back.  I shed tears of happiness!  My turtle had a message for me to take time in my busy schedule to enjoy the beautiful things in our world.  

Karen’s talent and warm personality make the client’s experience enjoyable.  The insights that my pet shared were moving. Whether you have tried an animal communicator before or are new to it, I recommend Karen.  If I could replay my whole reading I wouldn’t change a thing. Beautiful!

                             - E.C.

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